DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

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In my new quest to work on my green thumb, I've been expanding my collection of house plants. Someone recently gave me a spider plant which was beautiful for 5 minutes until my cats obsessed over it and ate all the leaves in less than a day. (Aaaaa terrible kittens. There really is a plant in this pot - it's just so chewed on that you can't see it anymore.)


It started off in an outdoor pot so I knew I wanted to repot it anyway. After I realized it's apparently as good as catnip, I decided it had to be a hanging pot. Genius me for needing a hanging pot in December, right? This easy tutorial is my solution! It's easy to customize depending on your knot-tying skills but I'm no Girl Scout so I kept it simple for this one. If you can tie your shoes you can make this hanger!



  • 48 ft rope (1/4" or smaller is easiest to work with)
  • 1" metal ring (similar)
  • Thin contrasting rope/string
  • Pot or bowl - I chose this one without drainage holes so I wouldn't drip on the carpet and then put river rock in the bottom to help it drain naturally.

STEP 1 - Cut 4 equal lengths of rope - I started with 12 feet lengths but probably would have been ok with 10.5'. It depends how long you want your hanger obviously, but I'd recommend starting longer than you think you'll need.


STEP 2 - Thread all 4 strands evenly through the metal ring. Use the thinner string to wrap about 2 inches to hold all the strands together and tie off.

STEP 3 - Take 4 pairs of strands and tie them in a simple overhand knot. Choose strands next to each other so you don't get twisting in the hanger. These knots will mark where the top of your pot is.


STEP 4 - Take one strand each from the original knots and tie another overhand knot. Again, choosing strands next to each other to avoid twisting. These knots should be halfway down your pot.

STEP 5 - Gather all 8 strands together, keeping them as neat as possible to keep the rope from twisting. Use the string to tie them together, and then wrap neatly about 2 inches to reinforce.

STEP 6 - Hang your plant wherever you'd like it and then cut the strands to your desired length!

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